REVIEW: Tuxedo – Tuxedo II

Earlier today, we saw someone tweet about their listening experience for Tuxedo II. They – a white male – said they were feeling decidedly “hippity-hoppity” with it on. Honestly, that says it all.

We weren’t fans of Mayer Hawthorne side-arm Tuxedo and their first album, which was a route-one approach to funk soul that was overly polished and far too slight. And the pound-shop Bruno Mars (who’s already at least a Costcutter) is at it again starting with tracks like Fux With The Tux that has gems of lines like “no complaining, just champagning”. Quite.

It’s all so bloody try-hard though, like if Entourage were a band and this was the second abysmal season. The guitar licks have been heard time and again, and the path songs take is so predictable you might as well start playing this at your Nan’s 90th, that’s how inoffensive it is.

That’s not to say it’s bad – it certainly has loads of decent moments – but it literally does nothing new. Like musical magpies the duo borrow from all of their contemporaries and never once think about breaking the mould on songs like Rotational or Shine. Like any Tuxedo then, wear it once then forget all about it.

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Tuxedo - Tuxedo II
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