REVIEW: Tweet – Charlene

Christ, you’ve got to feel for poor Tweet haven’t you? She’s been gone so long that the word has stopped being associated with her and more to do with the narcissistic echo chamber that profligates trolling. But Charlene Keys is finally back with an album called, er, Charlene, proving that a) she’s more than just a name, and b) she has – to paraphrase an En Vogue song – been too gone, too long.

Straight-up, there are very few who can muster such a soulful introduction like Magic. It also delivers a little knowing wink and kiss-off to the past: “Oh, there goes… there goes my heart,” she sings, referencing her biggest hit with a smile but wrapping it up in quite the smooth R&B package.

From then on, it’s all pretty straightforward for the genre but just too warm to ignore. Won’t Hurt Me glides on Tweet’s honeyed vocals, and of course there’s one hell of a powerhouse team-up with Missy Elliott on Somebody Else Will. Through it all, the themes are the same: lovelorn bliss (Addicted) or a powerful dismissal (Got Whatcha Want) but it’s all so undeniably classic-sounding that it’s hard not to love. She probably still won’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you say “tweet”, but bloody hell it’s good to have her back.

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Tweet - Charlene
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