REVIEW: Wet – Still Run

If we could stay trapped in a single song for a while it would be the title track of Still Run by Wet. It’s a tender and self-aware moment of vulnerability, with Kelly Zutrau and co taking a break from their dark arrangements to cross over to more alternative fare.

Unfortunately, despite the gorgeous instrumentation and pristine production, Wet don’t cross over as much as end up firmly in the middle of the road. The style of songs like You’re Not Wrong – bringing in racing piano, brass, and guitar – doesn’t quite match the sentiment of what we know the band for.

A song like Lately is exactly where they click, though. The confessional lines delivered with Zutrau’s genuine sincerity are arguably what got them here in the first place, and that expression in the middle of the album is what saves the album. Softens is delicate portrait that moves us gently: “the sun hits the table at a beautiful angle… where beauty softens grief,” they sing as strings slowly stir behind. It’s in that simple levelling of emotion that make Wet work, doubled-down on 11 Hours and This Woman Loves You, the latter in particular a sort of hand-hold entry into a better world of their creation.

Still Run is certainly a better album than Wet’s debut, but as ever the band’s name sums up the nature of their music. There are many moments of tangible feeling, though they trickle away and leave the damp remains of more overblown aspirations (Visitor, we’re looking at you). There’s still more than enough to enjoy here, and if Wet manage to fully capitalise on their quieter strengths then soon enough they could turn out a masterpiece.

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Wet - Still Run
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