Laurel – Shells

London's last sweetheart throws out her best offering yet

Elli Ingram – All Caught Up

Brighton's future star delivers a knockout summer R&B jam

RY X – Sweat

The LA singer-songwriter tingles our spines with this new offering

JOY. – Captured

A 17 year-old Brisbane prodigy just put a lot of pretenders to shame

Kiesza – Giant In My Heart

The best giant since Iron and Jolly Green

Février – Book

The US producer gives us goosebumps till Décembre without uttering a single word

Max Marshall – Free

Stop everything - we've found our song for the summer

Sinah – Sleek

Straight up, we've got a lot of respect for someone who mentions Xena, Warrior Princess in their bio, so the homophonous Sinah Blohberger (great...

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