Ardyn are pretty special, aren’t they? Two tracks in and Gloucestershire twins Rob and Katy Pearson have gathered worldwide acclaim as the next big things. Hardly surprising – their Universe EP (which you can stream below) is full of deliciously melancholic electronic pop, spacious in production but with depth of songwriting. We caught up with them as they unveil their first work to find out a little bit more about the project…

So, “Ardyn” – where did that name come from and how did you guys start creating the sound we now know you for? (also what happened to Kitten & Bear?)

We spent a long time trying to find a new name. Our long lost family member is called Ardyn and we were at her house a few months back and just thought it was an unusual and interesting name.  We had been Kitten and Bear for a long time and felt it was a name we would grow out of.

It’s been much mentioned that you’re twins. How does that work when writing? Do you have the weird twin connection thing?

Actually we are two of a set of triplets. So we do have a very close connection, especially when writing songs. Our song writing is very spontaneous and our writing process is very quick so we always need the Dictaphone close by.

Where do the songs mainly come from? The EP is quite dark and melancholic on the whole…

I think they come subconsciously from experiences in our lives. We never come up with a theme for a song as Katy always sings the melody and lyrics at the same time when writing. They can be somewhat enigmatic and dictate a mood rather than a story. However universe was influenced by an old piece of GCSE revision about the phases of the moon. To some extent we don’t know where they come from just drop out of the air.

How did Rodaidh and National Anthem get involved in the project?

National Anthem heard our song Help Me On My Way through our managers and were really up for releasing it which was really great as they have released a lot of music we like e.g Shivum Sharma, Haim etc. We approached Rodaidh after we had all four songs there in terms of structure. He heard a demo of Universe and really liked it, so in June we went into RAK studios with him and recorded some.

Final, genuine question: what’s good in Gloucestershire? So far we’ve legit found nothing.

The Prince Albert in Stroud, which is a great live music pub. 2000 Trees Festival is a great festival that we’ve played a few times. We live in a small village so it’s nice being close to beautiful countryside.

UPDATE: The duo have now released a lovely new video for The Garden, which you can also watch below.

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