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One band that has impressed us no end since they first emerged are Canada’s Dizzy. We’ve heard their upcoming album Baby Teeth and it’s genuinely one of the finest of the year, a mix of indie sensibility, pop melody, and pin-sharp songwriting that deserves to be heard. Today they release the excellent Backstroke, so we caught up with lead singer Katie Munshaw to find out more about their journey…

Welcome to London. How do you guys like it here? Is playing to a UK crowd any different to other places?
It’s beautiful. So far UK crowds have been a bit more reserved than American. Attentive. It’s nice to know people are listening.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Three of you are related: what was your musical background?
We grew up listening to jazz, playing in school bands and learning to play as many instruments as we could. Our parents nurtured our musical upbringing by having instruments at our disposal from an early age.

Is there an extra chemistry that comes from being family?
There’s an unspoken language when you’ve played together for so long. You’re aware of one another’s tastes so you cater to each other.

Do you ever need to stop it from being a bit of a boys’ club?
I’m really lucky that there isn’t a divide at all. They’re all the most funny, sensitive, empathetic people so it doesn’t really feel out of place. I like to play therapist though. Like I would with my girl friends at home. There’s been a lot of long car rides where we like to share advice and gossip about our lives.

Obviously families can be tricky at the best of times. How do you guys deal with disagreements when it comes to your work?
We haven’t had any major discourse yet. I think we’re all on the same page when it comes to this project.

You’ve all grown up in suburban Canada. Has it been difficult to adjust to life as it is now?
Life is pretty much the same right now. We all still live at home with our parents. We still have part time jobs. We just play more gigs than before. And more people are listening.

You’re relatively new to the industry. What do you enjoy about it, and what pisses you off?
There’s a lot of camaraderie between bands at the stage we’re at right now. I love meeting new bands and cheering them on through their careers. We have a lot of new friends in different places all over the world. One thing that’s hard about the industry is how long you have to sit on music before it gets released. This record has been in our brains for almost two years now. I’m getting pumped about making new music while everyone else is only hearing our older tracks for the first time now.

What do people back home think of your success as a band?
Our friends and family are excited. Some are sceptical.

We’ve heard the album, and it is unwaveringly beautiful (also one of our favourite LPs of the year). Why the title Baby Teeth though, and what are you hoping people take away from it?
The idea of Baby Teeth came from the idea that each song was a lesson I learned and had to shed to make room for new experiences. Adult teeth.

There’s a couple of name-drops in there: Joshua, of course, and the line ‘Jones you’re a real catch’ in Pretty Thing. We assume these are embellished, but was there ever a hesitation in writing about people given they may work out it’s about them?
At first there was a bit of hesitation, but not anymore. Like I said, these songs were written a while ago now. If they work out it’s about them I’d hope their first thought would be “yeah…I was a bit of a dick, wasn’t I?”

You’re on the road at the moment. What sort of music keeps you company, apart from your own?
My top three most spun artists right now are probably Lucy Dacus, Soccer Mommy, and Lowly.

And finally, the question we ask everyone: favourite Beyonce song?

Baby Teeth by Dizzy will be released on the 17th August via Communion/Royal Mountain.

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