INTERVIEW: Emily Burns

Seven Scenes From The Same Summer. Not just memorable in name, but also in content as it heralds the proper arrival of Emily Burns as a star. Hers is a pop brand thats spiky yet filled with real experience, all wrapped in melodies that can’t be resisted. Ahead of the mini-album’s release next week, we caught up with her to find out more…

Hi Emily. Where are you in the world at the moment and what are you up to?
Hey! Right now at this very moment, I’m in West London where I live, getting myself ready for a session in Wimbledon today with the lovely Jacob Attwooll, who I worked on “Girlfriend At The Time” with.

Let’s take things back to the beginning. What was life like growing up in Warwickshire? How did it inform your songwriting?
I loved growing up in Warwickshire. I’m very lucky to have grown up in a family that love and listen to music all the time, so I was always around it. I also really enjoyed school! Especially English language, which I think really helped me to develop my songwriting and creativity. I spent a lot of my spare time writing.

You also bagged a job at Abbey Road studios when you were older. Did you ever try network with any of the big names coming in?
I’ve been incredibly lucky to work at Abbey Road. I’ve met so many amazing artists, songwriters and producers as a result so yes, I’d say it’s been a great networking opportunity for me. I definitely tried to bag a session with Paolo Nutini once, still waiting for that one to come off..!

How did Take It Or Leave It come about? And how did you feel when you saw the incredible response?
Take It Or Leave It was a bit of an accident actually! One of my really good friends, Mat, was coming round to mine for some dinner – he’s not a songwriter but he loves music and has a great ear for it. He started playing me a piano riff that he’d come up with and I just fell in love with it… that’s the riff that now runs through the whole song. We put a beat together, I started writing some melodies and lyrics over the top and it came together very quickly after that. Neither of us expected it to get such a great response, when it hit it’s first 100,000 streams we couldn’t believe it.

There are some bold titles on Seven Scenes…, like Bitch and Cheat (which happens to be our favourite one). Was there ever any hesitation about putting these songs out?
Thank you, I’m so glad you like it. I try to write all of my songs from a really honest place and I think these titles are representative of that. I’m keen to be bold with my lyrics and try not to sugar-coat things too much!

What are you hoping people take away from Seven Scenes…?
Seven Scenes From The Same Summer really is like seven excerpts from my diary. I hope people can relate. It’s been amazing so far, receiving messages from people saying they’ve felt the same way as me and had the same experiences. I just hope people enjoy it and have fun listening – I’m very proud of it.

It’s being billed as a mini-album. What was the thought behind this, and are we going to see a full one next?
The buzz I get from releasing music is second to none, so I just want to be putting out as much as I can. These seven tracks feel like they fit so well together, it just felt like the right thing to do. I’ve been writing a lot and I have some really exciting material to follow up Seven Scenes with… so watch this space.

What would you say to other young girls in places like Warwickshire who are trying to crack the business like you are? What’s the most difficult part of it?
I’d emphasise the importance of real determination and persistence. There are always going to be knock-backs and challenges along the way and it can be really tough to not let that dent your confidence. You have to pick yourself back up and come at things from another angle. Be passionate about what you do and keep going.

Finally, the question we ask everyone: what’s your favourite Beyonce song?
Ooooh that’s hard, there are so many amazing tunes. For me though, it has to be “Irreplaceable.” When I saw her perform it live and the whole crowd sang along to EVERY word, it was one of the most empowering moments of my life! She’s got so much sass, I love it.

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INTERVIEW: Emily Burns
INTERVIEW: Emily Burns