Etta Bond has got it going on – she’s delivered some massive tracks over the years and (honestly, just look at her up there) she still continues to deliver while remaining so achingly cool we’re slightly in awe. We caught up with her as she releases her brand new Chris Loco collaboration Kiss My Girlfriend (below).

Hello Etta! How are ya, where are ya?

Hello pals! I’m in the studio with my guy Raf Riley having the time of my bloody life! You’ve caught me in a good mood.

We’ve just read something that calls you the, er, “skinhead soul princess”. Thoughts?

Well, technically I’m not a skinhead anymore. My hair is just past my ears now. And I definitely wouldn’t label myself as a princess either – maybe I should. MAN IS A PRINCESS! People can call me what they like. I’ve been called worse. They meant it in a nice way.. I think.

Tell us about Kiss My Girlfriend. The process behind it, the way it formed, and where it sits in terms of the upcoming EP…

My friend Jenay had come with me to the session with Chris that day. She inspired the song. Men and women are in awe of her. She’s beautiful, yes. But it’s not just your eyes that she satisfies. She has incredible energy and a wonderful heart. She means so much to me. The song is about recognising, appreciating and protecting the beauty in the women around us and doing the same for ourselves. Sometimes we need reminding, myself included.

If it is about girl power, how do you feel about outlets that try pit female acts against one another?

In this scene, male or female, we get compared to one another. That’s just the name of the game. To be honest, I don’t really notice. It’s one in a million things you face in this industry. It’s whatever. I’m not against anyone and no one could force me to think I was.

Let’s forget competition: which fierce women do you admire or take inspiration from? Musically or otherwise.

My sister & my Mum. Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu… Grace Jones is the MVP. Tank Girl is my spirit animal.

Man like Chris Loco… We flipped over All Of My Love last year, so thrilled you’re working together for this. What’s the vibe between you two, how do things come together?

We hang out and let the vibes lead the way. It’s a blend of energies. There are no rules. Sometimes when we make music we play Disney movies on mute. Lol

What else can we expect from the new collection?

My music grows and changes with me, but it will always have a sense of familiarity to those who know me already. I couldn’t tell you what to expect.

Deep question alert: what’s the big dream, Etta?

I’m living it. This is the dream. I do what I love. Everything else will come naturally as long as I stay doing what I love.

Also we can’t hear that name without thinking of the great Etta James. Musical stage name or musical parents?

My full name is actually Henrietta. Going by the name Etta was my sisters idea. Before ‘Etta’, my friends called me Hen.

Who’s on the collaboration hit-list in future?

I wanna make more music with A2. We’re on a lot of the same pages. I’m a big fan and I make sure to tell him that I love him on a regular basis.

Finally, the question we ask everyone: favourite Beyonce song?

Do Destiny‚Äôs Child songs count? I’m a Writing’s On The Wall kind of girl. So I’ll say “Hey Ladies”.

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