Anyone with a knack of musical sense will not only know about electronic-pop trio Glades, but also their meteoric rise over the last couple of years. Unsurprising given – much like their new song Do Right, below – they deliver a pristine sound with a tonne of heart, not to mention being totally radio-ready. We caught up with Karina from the band to find out more…

Hello Karina! Where are you and what are you up to?
Right now we’re just home in Sydney working on the final touches of our next EP. We put in a lot of work and we’re so excited that everything is finally coming together.

Let’s start with a bit of a love-in. Firstly, tell us one thing about the other members that we might not already know, but also tell us what they bring to the table that you love the most.
One thing about Cam that I love is that when he puts his mind to something, you know it’ll be done to the best of his ability. He’ll never produce work that isn’t his best. I love Joey’s attention to detail. Lyrically he can take a situation and explore every angle. He can write about the smallest detail which adds so much character and meaning to a song.

You guys have seen incredible success from day one till now. How would you say you’ve all changed since then, both as individuals and as a band?
I think as a collective we’ve all become more aware of each other. This year we spent almost all our time together. It’s almost like I can almost tell what kind of food we’ll all want for dinner that night! I think for me I’ve realised that it’s ok to have big dreams and how important it is to have people who can dream with you. I’ve changed in the sense that I believe more things are possible, that with a lot of hard work, things that people said you could never achieve can start to happen.

What’s been the nicest (or not so nicest) comment you’ve heard about your music?
I’ve had someone say that they think every song sounds the same. I’ve also had some people tell me that a song has been the words to express exactly the way they’ve felt in a certain situation they’ve gone through. I guess everyone’s response is different but the fact that our music can have such a heartfelt response is really special for us.

Let’s talk about the new song. What was the idea behind Do Right?
We wrote ‘Do Right’ while we were on a writing trip in New York. At the time there were a lot of crazy and messed up things in the news. We wanted to spread a message of love instead of hate. This song is about loving those around you and how treating people with love creates more love.

You’ve also recently collaborated with Feki. How do you decide who to work with, and what’s that process like?
Feki sent us a track he’d created and we wrote the lyric and melody over that. The three of us all write together and have an equal say into each song we write. We don’t think it matters if someone is the most or least famous artist. The only criteria we have is that we all need to love the song. Beyond that we’re open to working with anyone.

What about writing amongst yourselves – is it ever odd opening up some of your deepest thoughts to each other?
I think at times It can be. It’s always important to have an open mind when you write with other people. An open mind in the sense that everyone’s ideas and experience are valid and are an important tool in crafting something genuine and beautiful. I think over time and through a lot of practice, we’ve gotten into the rhythm of writing with one another and we’ve become learned how to bring out the best ideas in one another.

How do you deal with disagreements? Who gets the final veto?
We always talk things out. Of course when you spend every waking moment with two other people you’re gonna experience some clashing. We’ve learned to hear each other out and talk things out whenever we disagree.

What are you guys listening to at the moment?
For me the last thing I listened to was Banana Clip from Miguel’s new album War & Leisure. Really vibing that album. (We also have our own Spotify playlist which we update weekly!)

Finally, the question we ask everyone: favourite Beyonce song?
I can crush a little Crazy in Love at karaoke for sure.

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