Kilo Kish isn’t an artist set by boundaries. Her debut Homeschool EP combined spaced-out beats with psycho lyrics (“I waited in your room just to see your face/then I cut it off”). The follow-up album K+ showed a matured sound, drafting in friends including Earl Sweatshirt and SBTRKT to handle production duties.

We first met Kilo Kish alongside her best friend DJ Kitty Cash in early 2013 at a working men’s club in Leeds (we kid you not). What followed was a night of shots, slurred words and bad jokes that involving Kish/Quiche.

Luckily for us, Kilo seems to have forgiven this – she sat down for a chat about her new EP Across, her first official release with Parisian label and fashion house Kitsuné.

You’re a musician that’s always mentioned within the context of your collaborators. Why did you decide to ditch the features and collaborations this time around?

I think features are a sure-fire way to get attention, although that wasn’t really my intention. With K+ I was more interested in having features because it fit my concept of exploring the way different creatives work and I was excited to add layers that I couldn’t pull off myself.

Homeschool (my first EP) was nearly featureless and Across is as well. I like working alone, I like recording alone, maybe it doesn’t always work to my advantage as I only have my input to pull from but the subject matter from across was very personal – so I just kept it for myself.

The title “Across” implies that you’ve taken a journey with the EP. What was it?

Across is based on a cross country drive I took last summer. I was moving from NYC to LA in a very dramatic, nauseating, love story type way. For me it means change and movement. Not necessarily forward or backward, just across. Means growing up and outwards.

When you started making music you said it was just for fun. Do you still feel that way about it now that people take you seriously?

It’s kind of hard to make music just for fun when people are analysing everything. I wish I could go into it that open-minded again. I have some fun projects I’m working on now.

How did you hook up with Kitsuné? and why did you choose to work with them for your first label-backed EP ?

I love Kitsuné’s aesthetic and brand. We began speaking when I was on a compilation of theirs and we moved forward with that.

You’re an artist, musician, and model. What are the best and worst things about each of your careers?

I pretty much consider it all one career. They’re all intertwined. I think the best thing is the freedom I have for creative projects and I can make things all day if I want to, or not. I’d say the worst thing is perception and people pushing their expectations for your career onto you. And annoying suits.

What do you hope to happen after this EP?

I hope to improve and continue working and exploring my ideas.

And finally – one song that you think everyone has to hear?

What’s It Gonna Be by Busta Rhymes.

Across is out now on iTunes and you can read our review here.

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