Here’s the thing: you should know about LIZ. She’s been working with names like Diplo, Mad Decent, PC Music, and a whole roost of others, creating the tidiest of new-wave pop jams that pull you along with both cheek and charm. Those are two things we’re rather fond of, so obviously we decided to sit down with her for a bit of rapid-fire action (WARNING: there may be mention of a pop super-group and a Bieber blow-up doll. As you do).

So, first things first. Tell us about what you’ve been up to in your year off?

I’ve just been focussed on re-imagining my whole project, writing a lot in touch with context, what speaks to all of girl culture really – fashion, lifestyle and yeah, I’m excited to experiment with all sorts of different things, not just music. I’ve been collaborating a lot with some people from London actually, photo-shoots etc.

Any LDN-based collaborators we might know?

Well I have a couple things with SOPHIE and A.G Cook, Shift K3Y and FS Green. I did a track when he was in L.A. that I put in my set, and that got put into my Diplo & Friends set last week.

So how would you describe your style to anyone who hasn’t heard you in the U.K?

Well I would say it’s underground bubblegum… like, future-pop. I think the aesthetic I grew up on in the early 2000’s, a progressive twist on that. Definitely super bright and colourful – want to awaken all the senses, not just the ears.

“I really wanna do a pop girl supergroup…  I’d love Charli [XCX] to be a part of it, and HANNAH DIAMOND. We’ve all had conversations”

So when on tour, what always makes the rider?

Oh man, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with those cranberry-flavoured Red Bulls. I don’t know why but they just give me that little boost of energy. Otherwise, just fruits and veggies, nothing too crazy… yet. Maybe next year I can get a little crazy with it and demand a Justin Beiber blow-up doll or something.

Well we’ll just have to have one made for you when you come back to UK. We know people. Anyway, Bieber aside – what’s your current jam? 

I love Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album, that song Run Away With Me – it’s SO good! [LIZ imitates the opening sequence, we obviously join in, a duet ensues that will never see the light of day. Soz.]

You should get on a remix with CRJ…

I’d love to! Yeah, I really wanna do a pop girl supergroup, I’m kinda working on it right now and there’s a few artists I have in mind for that I feel we’re on the same level so that’s all very exciting. Something cool, like Spice Girls-meets-All Saints kinda vibe, something new and fresh.

So who’s on board so far? Anyone you can disclose?

I don’t know if they’d get mad at me for saying… I mean I’d love Charli [XCX] to be a part of it and Hannah Diamond.. like, we’ve all had conversations about doing something like this so it’s really just a matter of all getting together to make it happen.

MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. So, looking at your Radio1 Diplo & Friends mix, you sampled some of your upcoming music, but what can we expect from your next release?

A lot responded to this track that called Queen of Me that I’ve been wanting to put out for a while; there was Holy Water and another great called I Just Wanna. There’s actually a song I originally wrote with SOPHIE but the one I put in was a remix, another was High School Love. I don’t really know what songs are going to be on what, if it’s the EP or the next album – I’m not sure because I’m still writing a lot. I wanted to take the opportunity of doing the Diplo & Friends mix to issue something to the people who follow me and want to hear new music because it’s been a while since I put out a body of work. But I also wanna test out songs and people’s reactions.

Describe a night out with Liz, how we gonna party?

I dont know! I feel like such a grandma, I don’t even go out any more! I really like going out in London, hanging out in Shoreditch House so it’s probably starting off with a nice bite to eat, likely sushi, have some fun cocktails and then to chill and play billiards. I’m not too crazy any more but I still love my tequila so if there’s margaritas involved, I am THERE.

Right. Quick fire. You ready?


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Scrambed…with syrup. I like ’em sweet or with waffles. Or avocado and hot sauce!

Absolute horror. Favourite DJ.

Honestly, I know it’s going to sound corny but Diplo is such a good DJ, he’s so cool, he’s always aware of what music’s playing wherever and he just takes over the party – he can totally turn the crowd around. I remember being at this Grammy’s party, it was actually Disclosure’s at some beach-house or whatever and he gets on [the decks] and it turns into this ratchet house party, I was dancing on a table for sure.

Guilty pleasure.

All the Real Housewives on Bravo – that’s definitely my guilty pleasure, like New York and Beverley Hills. I don’t know why!

Worst nickname.

There’s a couple, some of my friends call me Lizbian, my best friend calls me Rizzle and then my Dad’s family call me the Queen – I don’t know, maybe because I act like a queen.

Definitely, act like your own queen. We always do. Next: the last time you did something dangerous.

I was in Hawaii and I jumped off a 40-foot high waterfall – definitely could’ve broken some limbs but I was fine. A ton of people were diving off and I actually have a huge fear of heights so I did it to get over that, really. Hawaii is so magical too, so that’s what compelled me. There’s actually a video of it on my Instagram!

Last time you were starstruck.

Well I saw Britney a few weeks ago at the Teen Choice Awards! She walked by and I was like [screams] totally paralysed. I grew up on her!

What three things make LIZ?

Love, ambition and playfulness.

If you were a guy for a day, what would you do?

Oh, man! That’d be so weird! I guess I would just try and have sex with as many girls as possible to see what it felt like! [laughs]

Party trick.

Defintley impersonating Britney, as in her singing voice. It was in New York, some Mexican place and we’re all drunk off of margaritas so I start singing Hit Me Baby One More Time in the restaurant.

First crush.

JC Chasez from N*Sync!

Ever done anything amazing and no-one has been able to see it?

Hmm, well I was a real good ballerina when I younger. Like, people saw it whoever was there but now like I’d have to find those tapes. I have a music video from when I was 13/14 too, I’ve gotta pick that up!

A character you relate to.

Perhaps Tinkerbell ’cause I feel like I have a lot of inner fiestiness and I can be real passive aggressive with boys or people that I care about.

Now we have to ask – based on the video for your new single – is it absolutely necessary to wear a dog collar when on your knees and scrubbing decks?

Yes, absolutely! Dog collar 24/7 – but it’s got to be real glittery or bejeweled! It’s how I like it.

David Yates

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