INTERVIEW: Meghan Trainor

America has a new sweetheart and she’s possibly T-Pain‘s cutest fan. PressPLAY sent David Yates to discuss Peeping Toms, women in the music industry, and dancefloor regularities with the bundle of energy who’s All About That Bass. It’s Ms Meghan Trainor, errbody… 

Oh heyyy, Meghan. How do? We can see you’re doing pretty well at the moment…

Yeah, thank you! It’s been a great week. It’s amazing that I’m No. 2 on Billboard’s Top 100!

How’s the album coming along?

The album’s coming along great – it’s sounding really cool, its channelling the single, and lyrically it’s like nothing else that’s out there. It’s really cheeky… and sassy.

Sassy is right up our street. We LOVE the single, All About That Bass – who would you want to slap a remix all over it?

There’s a remix floating around out there by Justin Bieber and he KILLED it! I have a verse somewhere on my computer and it’s SO good but I don’t know if they’re going to put it out officially. I want T-Pain to remix it though! I’m such a T-Pain fan.


Yeah! I think that guy smashes, he’s so cool!

Well now we have to ask what your favourite T-Pain track is…

Booty Wurk, definitely. [Sings] “Lemme see dat booty work, booty work”. GENIUS.

Now, there’s so much we love about your video, but one thing we really took from it is that, girl, you know how to move. Begs the question: signature move on the dance floor. Go.

I got the ‘fist pump’ down, y’know, to EDM stuff. Now that I have these moves [from the AATB video], I go back to the ‘every inch of you is perfect’-dance because that’s the easiest, so I just do that to every song, its all I’ve got.

Becoming a pop star so quickly must be a real turn-around. Do you still find time to laze in your PJs and kick back at home?

Yeah, I’m on my couch right now, just chilling. I don’t consider myself a pop star or famous, whatsoever. So when people ask me I’m like, “Its the same…” but I do recognize that some [chart] places are national which reminds of what I do for a living. Which is cool, but it’s freaky, it’s so freaky.

Have you been star-struck at all lately now you’re an active part of the music biz?

I haven’t met many famous people other than Lil Bow Wow except he’s not little anymore so now he’s just Bow Wow. But I did talk to John Legend on the phone once, like my hand was shaking trying to keep the phone to my ear. That was terrifying.

T-Pain called me once while I was getting my hair done, I was like “Is this a joke!?” – because they know I love him and they have it out for me. He was all [T-Pain impression] “Nah man, I appreciate the fans” and I was like, “Ahhhh! I love you so much!”

You really are doing it for the girls and we like that a lot. But you do you find girls are competing and out-sexing each other in music these days?

I know sex sells. This song was an example of it and I was trying to prove my point like, ‘See! Sassy and confidence, that’s what sells!” But I don’t look at it like I’m competing against these girls, I’m more like, ‘Holy crap, I can tweet these girls now!” and Becky G is following me, somebody call someone! I think she’s awesome but she has no idea who I am.

All About That Bass is obviously about your body and your booty but has anyone tried any odd chat-up lines following that?

I’ve heard “She’s not even fat”. I was like, “Okay, but didn’t you hear my song?” There’s a lot of crazy comments I can’t read because I’ll lose my mind so my Mom doesn’t let me read a lot of them. A lot are fans saying that I’ve helped them somehow with my song; all I did was write a three minute song, I didn’t save humans but I think it’s amazing these girls are saying I helped them, I love them.

Have you ever been told you look like someone?

I’ve been told I’m a mixture of Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry – I was like, “I’ll take it!”

It seems you have a prosperous career ahead of you and you seem to have your head screwed on. But is there anything you won’t do when it comes to your career?

I told them from day one that I don’t want to wear a bathing suit on stage, like everyone looks so hot rocking it. Miley looks great and then when I notice all her costumes are bathing suits, I’m like, “Yo, I don’t wanna rock that, don’t put me in that”. So they’ve been putting me in outfits I feel very comfortable in and that’s my thing, I have to be comfortable or else I won’t perform at my best, y’know.

With a second single, EP release and a debut album in the next few months, what is Meghan Trainor most excited for this next year?

JIMMY. FALLON. I’m going to New York to do something with him on Sept 3rd and my whole family, even my brother is like “Yo, can I come?” and I’m like “Yeeeah, lets meets up in New York!” I’m excited, he’s great. I think it’s going to be a skit for the song or something, I’m not sure, but it’s something that’s going to go viral and it’ll be awesome. Like anything with him on it, I’m doing it. He had my song his show last night. I cried. It was so cool.

Any plans to come to the UK?

Yeah, September. I’m going to Australia for The X Factor and then I’m hopping over there to you guys, I’m pretty sure. I hate it when they don’t tell me where I’m going! [laughs] They gotta start doing that. But I wanna meet you!

For sure – we’re totally down for some T-Pain karaoke in London. Speaking of karaoke: what’s your jam at the moment?

Break Free by Ariana Grande. Taylor Swift‘s new song too! It’s a JAM, so good.

What gets you through the day?

I’ll tell you what gets me through the day: my Momma does! I call her maybe three times a day and one out of the three calls I’ll be like: “Hey, I need to complain is Meghan’s Mom there?” And she’ll listen to me complain about anything, she’s great. I’m very close to my whole family, it’s like we’re best friends.

Before we wrap up (and so we can prepare for our London rendezvous) – tell us how Meghan Trainor likes to party.

It’s hard not being 21 in the States y’know, you can’t go out! But me and my friend we just drink at home, safely not breaking laws. It depends though, are you taking me out on a date or are you my bestie that wants to dance all night?

Let’s go with bestie that wants to dance all night…

Well what we did, dancing to Break Free, making cute videos of ourselves and the cops came to my door. I was like, “Sorry, is it a noise complaint?” He told me there was a man outside watching us do what we were doing outside our door. I was like, ‘”Whaaat!?” so that was freaky, I had to call my Mom about that. But that’s a party with me! Party so hard, you got people watching ya!

Meghan’s Title EP is available from 9th September and will feature both All About That Bass and upcoming single Dear Future Husband

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INTERVIEW: Meghan Trainor
INTERVIEW: Meghan Trainor