o577TzpY5wTK5Q31Jgyg--YgcMcDK2GqBDB1GXcjyj4If someone rocked up to us and called themselves a ‘ghetto tech booty rock outfit’, of course we’d be up for talking to them. We were mightily impressed by Aussie group Metals’ track That Ain’t Real Love earlier this year, a delightful slice of funk-rock (with a rap thrown in, obvs) that fit nicely into the summer release slate; we had a quick PressPLAY-style exchange with Metals bassist/producer Chris, and this is what we discovered…

First off: tell us who you are and what you do.

Christopher Coe (aka Digital Primate), I play the bass, produce, twiddle knobs and love long walks in the hills, reading books and eating fish.. Oh sorry.. this is not the dating site profile form?

(We like this man already. If you would like to date Chris: back of the queue, sister.)

For a band called Metals, your sound is pretty far off Megadeth. What’s the story?

Well, you see, we put an S on the end of the word metal to ensure that we did not get confused with Megadeth, or Metallica, or Slayer etc (by the way I do love those bands). Actually the name just sounded cool and felt right because the Chinese element of metal represents change, moving forward, progression..  Of course it is a rather generic name in search terms but such is life.

We got real love for That Ain’t Real Love. Where did the idea for it come from? What was the general response to it?

Thank you! We love it too! It’s my favourite actually. It is actually one the first songs we wrote together a few years back and it’s been through a few versions before we came with the latest one. Ehsan and I worked hard to change the production elements and turn it into the epic that it is now. I love the rave elements and the live drums from Matt Bray, and it is such a strong and confident performance from Candice on the vocals. It’s one of those tunes that I feel really succeeded in coming out fully formed. Everyone who hears it loves it.

We’ve got to talk about that rap in the middle of it. Let’s be honest here: was it really needed?

Well, I appreciate your frankness and certainly the song is strong with or without it. I really love the rap that MC Tray did. He is a genuinely good guy with real talent, and he put his heart into it. I think musically it does add a level of tension and excitement that allows the song to move to another level, so yeah, I thought at the time that it was needed and I still enjoy it when I listen to it now.

(Well, that’s us told.)

Are we going to see more genre-blending like that from Metals? You’ve got a punk and techno background after all…

Oh yes, absolutely. Have you heard the latest tune? it’s called “Silence”, it is totally rock but with an electronic twist.

(We have. It’s here, and it’s quite nice.)

You’ve got a new EP coming out. Tell us everything we need to know about it.

Well it has 5 choons on it: Walls and Walls, That Ain’t Real Love, Shake It, Silence, That Ain’t Real Love (Digital Primate redux). And it is free to download (as soon as it is released) from our Soundcloud page, but we have already released a couple tunes from it. The full EP comes out January 27, hooray!

There’s a lot of exciting music coming out from Australia these days, eg Tame Impala and the like. Do you think people are becoming more receptive to you because of this? Has it made things easier at all?

Yes, Tame Impala are wonderful. I dunno if this has made things easier, I think it is always difficult to get your work noticed above the noise, especially working independently. But certainly there is so much amazing stuff that comes out of Australia, I have no doubt it piques people’s interest. Is that what it did for you?

No, we just have a Spider-Sense for good tunes. Are there any Antipodean acts’ success in particular you’d like to emulate?

I am not sure that one can emulate other people’s success? Can one? I get all caught up in comparison and then get all fucked about it, slippery slope to madness that is. However, I do admire bands like Tame Impala, but also great and interesting bands such as Civil Civic and HTRK, really cool acts that have followed an underground path and done things entirely independently on a global level.

What are Metals listening to these days?

Civil Civic, HTRK, Classical music, silence, our hearts, wind.

(Watch out for that Spotify playlist.)

Final, perhaps most important question: Kylie or Dannii?

Hmmm. Who are they? I am sorry, but I am unsure of whom you speak. Oh ok… Kylie then, but poor old Dannii, she’ll always be in the shadow of her sister won’t she?

(Wrong answer. Metals are dead to us.)