If you haven’t heard Aussie indie-pop band Tora‘s Take A Rest, stop what you’re doing, take a damn rest yourself and listen to it. Theirs is a sound that’s inventive, accomplished, somewhat dark, and forever listenable. We caught up with the band during their tour as they kindly answered some questions and put together a little playlist for our Spotify series (below).

Hello Tora! How are you and where are you right now?
Hey, we’re all at home in Byron getting ready for our third show of the tour in Brisbane.

You’ve just released Take A Rest, which is exceptional. How are you dealing with the response to it?
Thank you, it’s lovely to see so many people from all different age groups enjoying it. We put a lot of time into making it and it feels wonderful to have it out in the world.

It’s called Take A Rest which is a luxury few in our industry can afford. What sparked that title?
The naming of the album was actually the most debated aspect I think. We went through hundreds, literally hundreds of names and finally when the song “Take A Rest” was complete the name resonated with all of us, so we decided to use it.

Actually while we’re at it, even the name Tora: fans of Judaism, Tora Bora, or none of the above?
The name Tora is derived from the Greek word meaning “now.” It was actually Toby’s mom that mentioned it to us and we like to think that the music we make is indeed that, a reflection of what we like now.

Such a tired question, but we’re keen to know what your favourite tracks from the album are? (Ours is “Love Life”. In case you were wondering.)
Can’t actually say, we love all the tracks at different times and to be honest I think the relationship that a band has with their album is never as simple as love/hate. So many hours, actually days have been spend birthing this creation it’s almost like asking a parent which is their favourite child.

“Too Little”, “Too Far”, “Too Much” – is there a narrative thread here that people should know about?
Nothing that would be linear enough to put into words, the narrative is mostly expressed through the way each of the tracks flow in and out of one another.

Obviously songwriting can be quite a fraught business. How do you deal with disagreements between you?
As best we can! No, but really it is extremely difficult. We have a saying that being in a band is more about maintaining relationships than making music because so often disagreements to arise, as we all can have different ideas of what we want, so compromise is exercised often.

You’re very kindly doing a Spotify playlist for us. Tell us about the songs on it.
It will be an eclectic mix of new tunes, that we’re all into at the moment. Some big artists and perhaps some you don’t know much about.

And finally, the questions we ask everyone: what’s your favourite Beyonce song?
“Crazy in Love” for the win.

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