We’ve always had a thing for X&Y – in all sorts of ways, swoon swoon – and it’s their big, shiny indie-pop that remains the draw. They’ve just released their Experience Y EP – which you can stream here – so lovely Ben from the band answered our questions about it (and them)… 

First off, X&Y the name: inspired by the Coldplay album or something else?

Inspired by chromosomes actually – although we do love Coldplay for sure!

How did you guys all meet, and when did the band start?

As X&Y, we’ve been together for just over two years now. We met Rhys through a mutual friend a few years back, but Ash and I have been making music for nearly 10 years. We were in a band together when we were 13 or 14 for pretty much the whole of our teens with a couple of our best mates.

Tell us about the Experience Y EP.

We met Reuben Keeney – the exec producer of the EP – in the Spring of last year and just immediately connected. We wrote ‘Footprints’ in the first session we did together, ‘Secrets’ in the second, and ‘Gold’ not long after that. The sound came together really quickly and was massive leap from our first EP sonically but he just brought some wicked ideas into the room and immediately got what we wanted to do. We were also super lucky to work with the beaut Taneisha Jaxxon who brought loads of extra fire to the room. It felt like a natural next step to put the EP out after we released ‘Footprints’ & ‘Secrets’ to blogs last year and got a really sweet reaction!

While we’re on the subject: your own best and worst experience in the last year?

Best: 100% the live shows! We played Hyde Park supporting Take That at British Summertime which was a wicked day. Plus, we started playing our own headline shows at the beginning of last summer which is a vibe! When hundreds of people are in a room solely to see you, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Worst: 100% trying to find food we can all agree on on a gig day. It’s never turned into a full blown argument but I all ever want is Wagamamas, all Rhys ever wants is a burger and a beer, and Ash is somewhere between the two. So find us a place that does wicked Thai & wicked burgers under one roof, and we’ll give you free gig tickets for life.

Challenge accepted. Food is one thing, but how do you split it when it comes to songwriting. Does one person get veto over the others?

Totally equal. It’s a really collaborative process and we all throw our ideas out there without really caring about who wrote that lyric, or whether that person’s ideas have been used more than another’s. It’s all about finishing up with the best music possible. I think if we were really precious about everything, we wouldn’t get anything done and would constantly worry about pissing each other off.

What’s next for X&Y?

Our next single’s finished, written, recorded, mixed and good to go! We don’t wanna say too much about it or give away the title, but we’re super excited! We’ve been buzzing to put this one out since we wrote it last year. We’ve also started working on the next project with Reuben and his team. Whether it’s an EP or the start of our debut album we don’t know, but it’s sounding sweet!

What are you guys listening to at the moment?

We’re actually throwing together some Spotify playlists right now of stuff we’re loving. I saw Bonobo last night in Brixton, so I’m really into his new album at the moment. I’m also begging for tickets for Maggie Rogers tonight cos she’s insane, but it’s completely sold out. Rhys loves his big well-written pop music like Maroon 5 & The 1975 and Ash’s taste is a bit more underground like the new Blood Orange album and Sampha’s debut.

Final question we ask everyone: favourite Beyonce song?

Crazy In Love – always was and always will be. Nothing will ever come close.

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