LIVE REVIEW: Bedouine, The Islington, 10/10/17

“I’m not an island, I’m a body of water,” sings Bedouine on Solitary Daughter, one of the standout tracks from her self-titled debut album.

Tonight at The Islington that could be taken very literally. In what is quite possibly the hottest venue in London, Azniv Korkejian is wearing a woollen dress and 60s-throwback glasses. She’s stuck with the former, she wrestles with the sweat under the latter, but neither stop her from delivering a wonderful live experience for her campfire folk songs.

The songs themselves remain wonderful, with Bedouine up there alone on stage with just her guitar, recounting her tales such as Dusty Eyes and One Of These Days. Perhaps it’s the image of seeing her up there commanding it all on her own that the songs gain extra shades in this setting, taking power and comfort in being alone rather than any sense of self-pity.

As a performer though, Bedouine has it all sewn up: her voice never misses, her charm prevalent in between every bit of inter-song repartee. It is a performance that largely remains on a single level, but there’s more than enough here to know that Korkejian could one day command the Dylan-sized audience she demands and deserves. “I’m calm on my lonesome, I feel right at home,” she sings on that standout, flag-planting Solitary Daughter. She may as well have been talking about her performance this evening, because it feels nothing short of 100% natural.

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Bedouine, The Islington, 10/10/17
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