LIVE REVIEW: Honne, Electric Brixton, 3/3/16

Warm On A Cold Night. The name of Honne‘s popular track, but also how we want to feel as we enter Electric Brixton, as the rising duo perform their homecoming gig. As it happens, this was their opening song so that feeling of warmth doesn’t take long to envelop us. We weren’t expecting their most recognisable song to be the opener but hey, we’re not ones to complain. Not that much anyway.

Sadly, the electronic soul duo kicking things off with their most successful song didn’t bode well for them, as it resulted in a lot of filler in between their guest performers. Although Jones and Izzy Bizu made fine work of their collaborations, there is also a sense of them upstaging the main event. Still, that extra flourish brought life back to the stage as well as lighting a fire under Honne themselves, as we their performance certainly picks up towards the end of the set.

A shame, then, that the vocals were the only downside when everything else did seem to fall in place – the performance of the band rang throughout the venue as it electrified the audience, the lights complementing the sonics as the crowd packed closer. With a little tweaking they could have a tight little live performance, but we certainly left with the warmth that we came for.

Samuel White

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Honne, Electric Brixton, 3/3/16
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