LIVE REVIEW: Lucy Rose, Heath Street Baptist Church, 3/2/16

Sat facing a simple stage equipped with a single chair, Moroccan-style rug and two table lamps from Lucy Rose’s actual living room, it was easy to forget that tonight we’re actually sat inside a beautiful, ornate church in swanky Hampstead Heath. Not a bad place for some great acoustics and to marvel in the simplicity and intimacy of it all, apart from the occasional police siren that would whizz by to remind us that we’re still very much in London.

Once Rose took to the stage, it was the start of what still feels like a feelgood reverie. Rose has a beautiful voice, this much we already know, and her lyrics are not only poetic, they quite literally lull you into a blissful daydream. Standout songs from th night included Don’t You Worry, a romantic and reassuring love song, and Second Chance which she then integrated into a medley with Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. Suppose given the church setting, the word ‘divine’ doesn’t feel out of place.

Later on Middle of the Bed has the entire audience singing along, followed by our personal favourite Our Eyes which Rose made just effortless. As far as a tour closer goes, the night remained strong – guitars both electric and acoustic, followed by the church organ, no less – and her talent truly shining as she shared her gratitude for completing this latest set of gigs. Definitely worth seeing live then, if not for the music, then at least to hear her personal accounts of the dodgy characters that she’s met while touring the world, revealing an additional fun side to a musician already worthy of respect. 

Ria Hebden

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Lucy Rose, Heath Street Baptist Church, 3/2/16
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