LIVE REVIEW: Poliça, Brighton, 23/10/16

There’s no denying it, Polica know how to put on a show. The visual display on stage plays all kinds of tricks on the eyes with the bright and colourful backdrop, fitting with the theme of their recent release United Crushers. Loud hues, illustrated poppies and of course, bloody fingers and severed hands. What’s not to like?

But the most intriguing aspect on stage was the presence of two drum kits. From listening to Polica’s music – or anyone’s, really – you wouldn’t have expected there to be two drummers hidden amongst it. What’s more of a surprise is how both drummers were so in sync; playing the same rhythms and then switching it up by playing different rhythms which added more depth and layering to the set. They even teased us with a mini drum solo (or drum duet?) which left us all salivating for more.

The gig started with singles from their latest album, including Wedding and the much loved Lime Habit, both executed perfectly with Channy Leaneagh’s beautiful throaty vocals. We were even treated to an unreleased song of theirs Go New, which included some male harmonies from the bassist and made for a welcome new layer to Leaneagh.

The momentum of the performance was consistent throughout the gig but it’s hard to ignore the fact that there was a certain lull in the middle, leaving us a bit despondent and craving the buzz and energy of the first half. This is partly to blame for material from the album Shulamith being played – their weakest record which lacks the fierceness and edge that Give You The Ghost and United Crushers have. But the band quickly redeemed themselves by playing more songs like Dark Star and Amongster, which picked up the pace again and made us forget we were ever becoming a little bored. Polica, you’ve done alright tonight.

Shelley Cornes

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Poliça, Brighton, 23/10/16
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