LIVE REVIEW: SG Lewis, Oslo London, 4/2/16

When someone largely known for producing comes to headline a show, we always find it interesting considering there isn’t that much stage presence around knob-twiddling. But boy did SG Lewis overcompensate for that fact on the Oslo stage in London.

The show kicks off with flashing white spotlights in different directions, accompanied with strobe lights and thunder crashing just about enough to both startle and interest. Vocal snippets pann the room, echoing before Lewis brings us his version of Disclosure and Lorde‘s Magnets. Slowing the tempo and riding on the back of the introduction, it certainly makes for an impressive greeting.

Sadly the streak didn’t seem to continue as, by the second song, Lewis decides to adopt his guitar, an instrument too bass-heavy and offering enough feedback to overpower whatever came in its way. It’s balanced somewhat with his endearing chats to the audience, genuinely grateful for his show selling out. It’s a warm sentiment that, funnily enough, leads straight into one of his most recognised singles Warm.

But once again things derail slightly, specifically alongside his first special guest JP Cooper. During their collaborative effort Shivers, Lewis’s keyboard proceeded to fall off of its stand and he continues to play the rest of the song from the floor; luckily Cooper’s voice was encapsulating enough to hold the attention. From that hitch in the evening we go straight to Zak Abelwho brings enough energy to almost outshine the main event. As the show concluded with All Night, Lewis brings out the guitar again and numbs any sense of the song with the  same repetitive riff. Not quite the closer we’d hoped for, and certainly nowhere near the show we deserved.

Samuel White

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SG Lewis, Oslo London, 4/2/16
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