LIVE REVIEW: Sinead Harnett, Heaven, 25/10/17

Despite its name, Heaven has never been a happy place for any gigs we’ve seen. While it’s impressive that Sinead Harnett has managed to fill this cavernous space, it also means she suffers from its usual trappings: sanitised acoustics and, inevitably, a maddening crowd.

It’s unfortunate that it detracts from what is essentially a consummate performance from a ready-made popstar. Harnett commands the room as she begins with her brilliant She Ain’t Me, working the stage while never missing a note. There’s charisma in droves, but it’s still not quite enough to counter the coldness of the venue she’s been lumped with.

Harnett then takes a moment to thank her ‘day ones’, and seems warm and affectionate towards the crowd. It certainly goes a long way for an audience that doesn’t seem overly engaged as the songs go on, but Harnett makes a cracking run through her Chapter One material nonetheless.

But in doing so she does reveal a bit of a weakness, in that these songs just aren’t strong enough to back her talent. Don’t Waste My Time¬†arguably gains more favour in its anti-wasteman preamble than it does for the song itself, but throughout it all there’s still no denying the level of talent on display here. Sinead Harnett has got what it takes to fill venues bigger than Heaven tonight; she just needs both the songs and the audience to match those sky-high levels.

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Sinead Harnett, Heaven, 25/10/17
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