LIVE REVIEW: Snakehips, Brixton, 08/09/17

“London, it’s like a fucking house party in here.”

Those words from Snakehips in Brixton this evening turn out to be quite the portent, as they fill the Electric with a variety of lost, hazy double-droppers and school dropouts. But then when you’re coming to see a DJ/producer duo, there’s pretty much a limit to what you can expect both on and off stage, and when it comes to the former Snakehips unfortunately fall short of even these low expectations.

It’s not their fault entirely though. They certainly have the tunes and features to warrant such a big audience, given Cruel and Either Way are absolute pop smashes that perfectly take the temperature of what sells right now. But it’s all blended in with the usual suspects – Snoop Dogg, Chance The Rapper, J-Lo – till it all begins to feel like a student union night or indeed a teenage house party.

So with no Zayn or Anne-Marie to help out, it’s down to vocalists like Sinead Harnett to bulk out quite a thin set. Harnett is certainly the highlight of the night, deftly delivering their old collaborative hits, having a great time doing it, then saying an all-too-quick goodbye. More of that and Snakehips might have retained our interest, but to be honest we could have had the same experience staying at home and hitting shuffle on a playlist.

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Snakehips, Brixton, 08/09/17
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