LIVE REVIEW: Verite, London, 04/11/15

We’ve gotta say this much about Verite: she does not make it easy for herself. If you’ve heard any of her luminous pop songs, you’ll know that most of them contain quite gutsy choruses, choruses which require the singer to let loose in quite soul-baring way. So imagine that on stage at least half a dozen times – like we say, she doesn’t make it easy for herself.

Still, the performance Verite does put in tonight supporting Jack Garratt might not be one of those instant star-making ones, but it really does demand that you sit back and applaud the breathless work this girl is doing. She’s bounding about on stage like she’s born to be there, but never has a performance made us feel more on edge than her live stab at Colors. Those vocal runs are fucking hard, and seeing her nail them is like the tension (and relief) of a successful penalty kick.

Of course, the minor drawback with all this vocal energy being expounded is that the lower notes sometimes fail to hold, but those rougher edges aside it’s still an impressive performance. The live set-up might mislead an audience down the path of her being slightly more of a rock chick than cool synth-pop queen, but songs Strange Enough and the huge finale of Weekend make one thing clear: Verite knows how to write incredible songs, and she also knows how to perform the fuck out of them.

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LIVE REVIEW: Verite, London, 04/11/15
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