LivePLAY: Postiljonen, Birthdays, Dalston 10/09/13

pBy Tomek Moss

Ah, Postiljonen’s Skyer, our sublime Scandinavian record of the summer. We’ve spent many a hot afternoon at our desks, their chillwave sounds pouring into our ears and reminding us of lo-fi, Instagrammed days at the beach. Nothing is brass about these super-whimsy guys. Nothing, that is, until you see them live.

The trio from Stockholm, Daniel Sjörs, Joel Nyström Holm, Mia Bøe – two of them quite sexy, one of them along for the ride – rather unfortunately put their album on play and had a nice sign along. And that’s NOT okay. Help and We Raise Our Hearts came first, just like they do on Skyer, though Bøe’s smooth vocals were barely audible over the bass. There was no one playing the saxophone live (not even a Kenny G, dammit) and some of the vocals sampled in their songs were played straight-from-mp3.

Things only went off the record for their album’s most stellar song, Supreme, which was preceded by a lengthy instrumental. It was floaty, atmospheric, but it didn’t help that Mia wandered off stage for most of it. Given the rolling black-and-white video playing in the background contained lighthouses and beaches and other such twee Scandinavian stereotypes, we wouldn’t be surprised if she were off snacking on a rollmop if we’re honest. Hell, it all felt a little lazy.

Turns out Postiljonen aren’t the kind of band you need to see live. Not yet anyway. This felt like an act still under construction and the mate’s-basement vibe of Birthdays in Dalston (where else) aided nothing. But keep gigging, our Scandi Loves, you’ll get there. We’re just thankful that your album still rocks our world.

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