If you’re a fan of Betty Who like us you might occasionally want to ask the same question we do: Betty who, though? OK, that was a bit laboured but you get the idea. Our favourite Aussie has just released a delightful new track called Ignore Me – her first as an independent artist – so we invited her to tell us a bit more about her influences (specifically ’00s pop deep cuts). Take it away, Betty…

Britney Spears – What It’s Like To Be Me
Not only is this the last song on my personal favourite Britney Spears record, but it was written and produced by Justin Timberlake and a frequent collaborator of his Wade Robson (they wrote Pop and Gone together from the NSync Celebrity album). It’s hands down one of my favourite Britney Spears songs in general but probably my favourite deep cut of hers.  I used to watch her 2001 Live From Las Vegas Dream Within A Dream Tour (oh yeah… I was a F A N) every weekend when I got home from boarding school and tried to learn the dance from this song specifically.  Highlight of the song: the cowbell in the second verse obviously.

NSync – Tell Me, Tell Me…Baby
Speaking of JT, this has been in my Spotify top songs of every year since I started using Spotify. From the Michael Jackson intro to the perfectly Swedish harmony and production (thanks Max Martin), this has to be one of my most beloved NSYNC songs. I especially love JC on this song, and one day if I ever invent a dissolving band-aid or something and I’m a millionaire, I will get the group back together to make a music video for this song. I was robbed as a child and will do everything in my power as an adult to make this happen.

Jennifer Lopez – I’m Real
I know I know, “that’s not a deep cut Betty, you don’t know ANYTHING” but I am in fact referring to the original I’m Real that does not feature the king of Murder Inc, Ja Rule.  Of course, the remix is incredible but I was always partial to the original release for her second studio album.  You could catch nine year-old me in 2001 performing pretty much this entire album to the mirror but this song always stuck out to me as a favourite.  There are few things I love more than a J Lo “but I’m still just a girl trying to hustle out here” song.

Kelly Clarkson – Beautiful Disaster (Live)
Kelly Clarkson has been and remains to be one of my favourite artists of my generation.  She has this air of genuine authenticity that draws people to her, wearing her heart on her sleeve since day one.  This song is the last track on one of my favourite albums, Breakaway and is a stripped down version of a produced song off of Thankful. When I heard it on Thankful, it hadn’t really moved me that much. I liked the song, but that was as far as it took me. Then I actually saw Kelly perform in Sydney when I was probably twelve or thirteen and she told the story of this song. She said she had loved it so much but her record label had wanted her to produce it and dress when all she had wanted to do was sing it with a piano. She then sang it exactly that way and it was the most beautiful, heart wrenching moment and it was immediately clear to me how important artistic choices like that are (#JusticeForKelly #JusticeForBeautifulDisasterLive).

Beyonce – Kitty Kat
It’s difficult to describe a single song from Beyonce‘s BDay album as a “deep cut” since they’re all singles in my heart (and she made a video for every song because she is Beyonce and she knew we needed to be blessed) but the number of people I’ve showed this song to who don’t know it is astonishing.  It’s in my top five favourite Beyonce songs, penned with Pharrell and produced by the Neptunes. Beyonce sings to her “kitty kat” believing it’s time to ditch her no-good man because he isn’t giving them enough love and attention. This song has been on my before-show-playlist since I started performing six, maybe seven years ago? If it’s the last thing I do I will spread the gospel of Kitty Kat until my dying breath.

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