Introducing PressPLAY TV

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but we here at PressPLAY have OPINIONS. Lots of them. And we quite enjoy being that cheeky little scamp of the internet that will happily drop a truth-bomb and then gleefully run away to play somewhere else.

So, of course, we’re hardly going to contain that within the world of music and not let the other arts join in the fun. Nu-uh. Which is we’re now launching a little sister site called PressPLAY TV (, or over here pon the Twitter and the Facebook).

Over there you’ll find the same sort of thing for the world of television: reviews, features, interviews, and a whole lot more in the typical PressPLAY style. If you want to get involved, you can get in touch via that site. Beyond that, we hope you’ll show the same wet and squelchy love to PressPLAY TV as you have to this little ramshackle thing.

See you over there. (By which we mean here, in case you missed the million links already directing you to it.)

Article Name
Introducing PressPLAY TV
Introducing PressPLAY TV