Podcast: Episode 1 – Betty Who

If there’s one person we’d happily go out on the lash with it’s Betty Who. Not just because she’s a hoot (more on that later), but she’s one of the pop scene’s more talented and erudite acts. That former trait in particular is on full display on her excellent new album The Valley, a robust collection of the synth-pop jams we’ve grown to love her for.

So obviously when we wanted to kick off our brand new PressPLAY OK… Or Not OK? weekly podcast series, we couldn’t think of anyone better to christen it than Betty Who. In it we discuss Ms Who’s music, her experiences, while reviewing (well, tearing apart) the latest tracks from Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, and Lana Del Rey.

Have a listen, subscribe on iTunes, rate us, and keep your ears peeled for more next week.

Article Name
Podcast: Betty Who
Podcast: Betty Who
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