GUEST MIX: Drones Club

If you don’t know Drones Club, you bloody well should. Their brand of electronica mixed with the odd flourish of pop is well worth your time; they’ve also got immaculate taste, and we invited them to join our Guest Mix series with an exclusive playlist so you can find out exactly why all for yourselves…

We’ve assembled bits that bounce from stuff that inspires to stuff that perspires. Starting out with Channel 1’s Intro to their album Station Identification because not enough mixes start with a proper intro. Moving into Ganjah Posse & Skeeta Ranx – real interesting early 90s cuts hitting a sweet spot between boom-bap hip-hop, dancehall, & pop.

We heard Raputin on DJ Artwork’s stories, it was being yammed out of an enormous rig at 9 o’clock in the morning to a 30-person rave on an industrial estate somewhere in the north-east, sounded wild. Acid Hamam are really doing it for us at the moment – they manage to find a groove with equal parts menace and celebration – something we aspire to.

Big up Bawrut, wild Dutch dude who managed to turn around a remix for us in like an hour when we needed him the most. All his tunes go but this is in all our DJ sets. You almost don’t need to hear Purple Disco Machine’s Male Stripper because you know how sick it’s gonna be from the information given in the title. As you’d hope it’s some wicked Italo-disco with an arpeggio that sounds like a bowl of fruit with winking faces drawn on.

Heard the Plastikman tune on the radio immediately afterwards while on the M25 and they seemed happy together so here they are. And the whole Dubi Dolszek record is great! Cosmic, with a sort of deadpan-sweetness you find in great classic pop. Similarly Laura Marling’s new group LUMP is extraordinary, this track comes on like a Marxist Fleetwood Mac that can handle its ket.

Golden Filter are one of the coolest acts around at the moment, they touch a lot of bases but seem like they float between them effortlessly. Absolute head Mineo distils and bottles an essence of UK house styles and makes it look easy, hatchback exquisite.

DJ Koze’s record has managed to achieve a genuinely psychedelic modern electronic sound with warmth and life. It feels like the culmination of many years making music and caring about it. And Aphex Twin‘s back catalogue is so deep that you discover attachments to different parts of it as you change as a person. This sounds like a robotic falcon gliding slowly over the pyramids at dusk. That bassline!

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GUEST MIX: Drones Club
GUEST MIX: Drones Club