GUEST MIX: Kara Marni

If you don’t know Kara Marni, listen to Golden. It’s arguably the best under-radar R&B track from last year, and she’s followed it up with another beauty recently called Curve. We’re very excited about her future, so we invited her to join our Guest Mix series on Spotify to find out some more about her past…

Looking over the 20-song playlist I’ve created, it’s interesting that it’s predominantly female. I clearly subconsciously connect more with female voices and lyrics, which makes sense given as a young girl I mainly listened to women.

I have included some of the soul greats who inspired me from when I was little – Diana Ross’s ‘I’m Coming Out’ was regularly played around the house whenever we needed a little lift. It is such a feel-good classic, and the same goes for Whitney Houston’s ‘So Emotional’. I would say it’s one of my favourites from her; her delivery on that record is absolutely astounding. I’ve had to include Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Inside My Love’ because she has influenced me massively in learning the whistle and experimenting with my voice in different ways.

I’ve also been listening to some great new music recently; Mahalia’s ‘Proud Of Me’, H.E.R.’s ‘Focus’ and Jazmin Sullivan’s ‘Insecure’. All of these tracks have such strong lyrics, something that you can hold on and relate to.

I was introduced to Col3trane’s ‘Penelope’ quite recently, and I thought it was so poetic and interesting. Usually when I’m captivated by a song I look into its meaning; I discovered its inspired by two romantic stories from The Odyssey. The fact he’s using these classic Ancient Greek poems as a source of writing inspiration I think is really innovative.

I really struggled to choose which Daniel Caesar track to add to the playlist as I’m genuinely obsessed with him and his voice. ‘Get You’ has such a beautiful sentiment, I listen to it before bed sometimes as it always seems to relax me! One thing with Caeser, which I think is part of the reason I can’t stop listening to him, is that his melodies are SO beautiful, I just need to keep hearing them.

There is one artist on this playlist who I haven’t yet mentioned who takes me to another world whenever I hear her: Amy. In all of her songs she’s extremely honest, but I love that fact she’s got an element of sass in ‘Stronger than Me’ and her voice really carries a certain strength on the record. She rounds off a mix of old & new soul/R&B records that have influenced me and are continuing to keep me inspired.

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GUEST MIX: Kara Marni
GUEST MIX: Kara Marni