We’ve loved LIZ for so long, so we were surprised when she suddenly went underground for so long. But she’s back with a couple of corking new tracks, and to celebrate we invited her to be the first curator of our Guest Mix series this year. We get friends, we get influences, and we get all the reasons we fell in love with this electric lady in the first place. Over to you, LIZ…

Everyone on this playlist has something going on that I admire and appreciate aesthetically, sonically and culturally. It includes a variety of styles I’m inspired by which I like to reference in my own music. The set definitely has sections to it, but I think it flows naturally and gives you a peak into how genre-bending pop music is today.

I decided to start out with an edgy, energetic in-your-face vibe with Die Antwoord and Cardi B before moving onto a shiny, plastic pop aesthetic featuring friends of mine like SOPHIE, Charli XCX, and Wave Racer (who produced my new single Queen of Me).

I then wanted to feature a handful of nostalgic throwback songs since that is my main steez in general. INOJ, Kandi and Shola Ama are some classic early 00’s RnB queens. Miami bass production was a main influence for my new song “Could U Love Me” as well as “Stop Me Cold” from my Just Like You EP. I also included current releases from Rina Sawayama and Kim Petras that have that glossy Y2K vibe. I put in this song by No Secrets which was a girl group I auditioned for when I was 13! Their producer is responsible for me being in the music industry today.

I then venture into an early 00’s euro techno zone with ATB, Starstylers and Cascada. I also feature current tracks by Henrik the Artist and Branchez that have sounds reminiscent of that scene. I throw in a couple quirky tracks by Kero Kero Bonito and my idol Gwen Stefani before going into UK territory with Jax Jones, RAYE, Clean Bandit and my buddy Santell. After taking you on a glitter covered unicorn ride, I wanted to end on a more chill, worldly vibe with Ozuna and some of my favorite producer/artists- Palmistry, Mura Masa, and Cashmere Cat.

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