Guest Mix: RIVRS

We’ve been following (achem) RIVRS for a while now, and it’s exciting to see them embark on an excellent new chapter with The Berlin Mixtape (named, of course, due to the time they’re spending there). We were thrilled to invite them to be part of our Spotify guest mix series; it’s arguably the finest playlist we’ve had to date, and Charlotte from the band explains the thought behind it:

These songs are a mixture of songs that inspire us and what we’re currently listening to right now. We take a lot of inspiration from older electronic artists who helped to shape the electronic scene like Suicide. Their story is fascinating – they were playing punk electronic music and a lot of people really didn’t ‘get’ it. They received a load of abuse in an era when punk was normally associated with guitars.

“We’ve worked with electronic synths since we started so we’re just now starting to think about incorporating some guitar in our music. We’ve been playing music from bands like Garbage, Paramore and INXS for some inspiration. We’ve also included some tracks from our friends Oscar and also Daisy Maybe. Oscar creates hopeful melodic pop reminiscent of the Brit pop era and Daisy Maybe creates dreamy and soulful electronic R&B.

The Cure are one of our all time favorite bands so we had to include them! It was really hard to decide on the song but I like In Between Days because it’s one of those sonically upbeat songs you want to play in the morning to put you in a good mood for the day.
We also included Where’s The Revolution? by another one of our favorite bands Depeche Mode. It’s impressive that they’re still making urgent and relevant music after so many years. For me, songs with obvious political messages can be very hit or miss but this one hits the mark perfectly.

Grimes had to be top of the list because she’s the reason I first borrowed a keyboard and started writing music. Pop seemed like this shiny, untouchable and inaccessible thing to me before I first saw her live, but then she stripped away the veneer and it was the first time I’d knowingly seen someone loop electronic music live before. It felt like the inner workings of pop music were exposed and I felt inspired as I could connect with how the music was made on a technical level.”

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Guest Mix: RIVRS
Guest Mix: RIVRS
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