We’ve got a soft spot for Cambridge act Tyne, having covered her from her very first track until now. So it’s a delight to have her deliver a properly personal and thought-out playlist for our Guest Mix series; she’s written a lot about it, so enough from us and over to Tyne… 

These songs are a real mix of tracks. Some that inspired my EP 111, some that have always been close to me and some that are just HUGE tunes that need to be listened to more.

The EP is called 111 because all the tracks were written in or produced in New York with Zachary Seman and Roger Kleinman. I styed for a week in New York, recording songs and filming videos for some of them, during the week I stayed on my manager’s sofa. His address started with 111, so it seemed fitting to dedicate the EP to where all the songs began.

At the start of my playlist, I chose songs that played a big part in my trips to New York. For example, Scared and Hot by Jazzybelle I listened to a huge amount when I was on my own on the plane and in taxis, and also in the studio. Talk 2 U was also an NYC song, as my manager and I were lucky enough see Brent Faiyaz in Brooklyn; a brilliant showman and a beautiful songwriter.

Next up are songs that, to me, are more about the meaning than the bopiness (is that a word?). These songs influenced the EP in terms of writing a song that means something to me. I always try to be honest and open with my lyrics. These songs include Should Have Known Better, I Found, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Every Breath You Take and Self Control. I think these songs expose a lot about the artist. It’s often daunting opening up through a song, but in some ways, being honest over a chord or melody is easier than saying it outright. Along the same lines, Gary Numan and OMD feature because they’re mine and my Dad’s go to car songs. Got to love a bit of 80s synth pop.

I had to include one song that my boyfriend and I share a love for as he played a big part in the EP. I’d Like That is the most honest song I’ve written and it’s for, and about, him. He showed me Codex by Radiohead. This is a song I could listen to for hours on end, it’s not necessarily a banger, but the music and the vocals allow me to shut down and get away.

I’ve also included some tracks that have inspired me vocally, in the editing or how they’re sung. Especially using effects like a vocoder to make lyrics stand out more.  The inspiration for the effects I chose come from songs like Crimson and Clover, 715 – CREEKS, and Sweet Disposition.

One song that is stand-alone is Janet by M.T. Hadley. The stripped down use of instruments, the heart-breaking premise of the song, and the weird, yet rigid, chords make this a brilliant track. This song inspired Nina a lot, the final track on the 111 EP. Finally, I have chosen just great tunes. I’m an awkward dancer, but these songs won’t let me not dance: The Other Side of Paradise, If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead, Friends, Adieu and Hear This.  

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