PressPLAY Sessions: Jimi Charles Moody

It’s not easy being a member of chart-topping Rizzle Kicks, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Harley Sylvester went completely tangential to introduce his new sound as Jimi Charles Moody.

With one spectacular EP already under his belt, we sit down with the man behind the mask to find out more about Moody, working with Tobias Jesso Jr, and some rather choice comments about the UK awards scene.

Jimi Charles Moody’s Islington EP is out now and can be ordered here.

Producer: Adeel Amini
DOP: Henry Napier-Brown (Rooted Productions)
Cameras: Henry Napier-Brown, Ally Watson
Sound / Post-Production: Jim Friend (Rooted Productions)
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PressPLAY Sessions: Jimi Charles Moody
PressPLAY Sessions: Jimi Charles Moody

Rizzle Kicks' Harley Sylvester brings his alter-ego for a little chat