PressPLAY Sessions: Lily Allen (Part II)

We’re back with the second part of our chat with the ever-entertaining Lily Allen (you can watch part one here).

Now that we’ve discussed Miley Cyrus and record labels, part two of our interview sees Sheezus talk about her future plans, confirm work on a brand new musical, and tell us what happened when she asked Disclosure for a remix.

And of course, there’s our dreaded rapid-fire round, and someone ends up with a PressPLAY tote bag on their heads (which we’d like to reassert is NOT iron-on. Cheeky mare).

Oh, and one last thing: *painted-nail emoji*. That is all.

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PressPLAY Sessions: Lily Allen (Interview, Part II)

Lily Allen talks musicals, Disclosure, and more in the second part of our chat