PressPLAY Sessions: Tove Styrke

Even though she’s had quite a career already – one does not simply emerge unscathed from Swedish Idol – we’ve only properly fallen in love with Tove Styrke over the past year. The stunning new track, Ego, is the perfect cap on a series of stellar releases, so obviously we couldn’t wait to sit down and have a chat with the Scandinavian pop wonder.

Join us as we take in all things pop, the forthcoming record Kiddo, polar bears, and of course Beyoncé songs; before you know it you’ll become as crazy about Tove as we are.

Ego is out now; Kiddo is scheduled to release in Summer 2015.

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PressPLAY Sessions: Tove Styrke
PressPLAY Sessions: Tove Styrke

Swedish pop star Tove Styrke talks to PressPLAY