PressPLAY Sessions: Vök – Tension

Over the last year or so, we’ve become smitten with Icelandic duo-now-trio Vök. In studio, their glacial electronic pop is the stuff of dreams; in a live setting they’re teeming with sax-fuelled charisma.

We had the pleasure of filming the band for one of our PressPLAY Sessions; today we present their breakout hit Tension, with another track to follow next week. Enjoy.

Producer: Adeel Amini
DOP: Henry Napier-Brown (Rooted Productions)
Cameras: Rooted Productions
Sound / Post-Production: Jim Friend (Rooted Productions)
© 2016, PressPLAY / White Abbey Films

Vök - Tension
Vök - Tension

Icelandic trio Vök perform a live version of their hit Tension