Aquilo – ii

You may have missed it on Friday, but lovely UK duo Aquilo slipped out a lovely little album called ii. It’s a two-sided (does that even work in the streaming age?) beauty that takes them away from their atmospheric electronica and shows the right amount of progression. While their vibe is still very much Aquilo, the sound is much more expansive and varied – Ghost takes in acoustica, while Six Feet Over Ground is a heartbreaking piano ballad.

The second CD (!) doesn’t differ too much in what they’re trying to offer, but luckily it’s still great – The Road Less Wandered is a treat, while the light harmonies of Now & Here really set them up with more profundity than ever before. A cracking album that deserves more traction, then, and you can start by giving it some below.

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Aquilo - ii
Aquilo - ii