Black Coast – Sleep Alone (feat. Soren Bryce)

In Sleep Alone, New York based producer, all-round artist, and PPOK favourite Black Coast delivers a track that is a sophisticated synth-pop cut. Featuring the serene tones of Soren Bryce on vocals, the hazy, nostalgic vibes of the track are contrasted by the gently pounding beat that lies beneath, rich with fragility.

Discussing the track, Black Coast says “Sleep Alone has been a fun one to work on; Soren and I kept bouncing ideas back and forth for months over email, since she was in LA and I’m in New York. We met for the first time at a studio in LA once the song was finished, and recorded everything that same day.”

It’s one to get utterly lost in, which you can do below.

Susan Roth

Article Name
Black Coast - Sleep Alone (feat. Soren Bryce)
Black Coast - Sleep Alone (feat. Soren Bryce)