Daughter – If You Leave

Why folk-seductress Elena Tonra decided to reinvent herself as Daughter is anyone’s guess. Whose daughter? Is this an outlet to vent parent issues? We wouldn’t be surprised if there were some deep trauma here, since If You Leave is filled with as many heartbreaking cuts as the title might suggest. 

But Daughter are in no rush to make their point. You’d be lucky to find a few songs under the five-minute mark, but songs like these deserve delicate arrangements and unhurried delivery. Lead single Smother (below) crawls forward, while potential breakthrough Youth – think Bon Iver meets Foals – will no doubt be the target of a TV drama to piggyback its emotional heft. 

Other than the try-hard Human, it’s hard to find bad material here; even at 9:20, a song like Lifeforms never feels laboured, and there’s so much nuance in each track that it immediately compels a repeat listen. A beautiful collection to be savoured.