Hanne Leland – Hungover You

We love a good premiere here, especially when it plays to our Scandipop fetish. Step forward Hanne Leland, a Norwegian superstar in the making, whose Hungover You ought to put her on the map. Says Hanne: “Hungover You” is one of those songs where I got to express exactly what I felt about a situation. It’s about a toxic relationship that I was too weak to break off at the time cause I really cared about this guy (fucked up, I ┬áknow). It’s funny how painful it is to walk away from a bad relationship, even when you know it’s for the best. I guess it’s a situation a lot of people can relate to.”┬áCheck it out below.

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Hanne Leland - Hungover You
Hanne Leland - Hungover You