Horixon – Hello (feat. Else Born)

We’ll never be shy of admitting our love for Turid Alida Solberg, aka half of Philco Fiction and the whole of Else Born. So it’s hard to resist premiering those tones on the most perfect backdrop thanks to UK duo Horixon (aka Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong and Joe Ashworth). Hello is a beautifully chilled dance-pop effort that’ll seep right into your ears, the beats-and-piano mix held together effortlessly by Solberg’s tones.

“The track was born out of a collaboration with Turid,” says Armstrong. “She just seems to come up with the most beautiful sweetly sad vocals that mesh with our music so well. We secretly want her to just be part of Horixon permanently. Well, not so secretly now…”. 

Solberg adds: “You’re stuck in a never-ending fight with your lover. You really don’t feel like fighting, you try to get out of it and you try to stop his crying. You look for a spaceship to lift you up up up and away. And… suddenly you’re under the stars – no more. For a couple of seconds. Till you fall back into the familiar.”

And you can fall back right into the Horixon cushion of this wonder below.

Article Name
Horixon - Hello (feat. Else Born)
Horixon - Hello (feat. Else Born)