ICYMI: Nilufer Yanya, More Giraffes, Henry Green, Shay Lia & More

We’ve been a bit quiet this week – soz – but what better way to restore all the love than a bumper update of new music. Don’t believe us? Just check out these beauties below…

Nilufer Yanya – Thanks 4 Nothing
You might have seen this one floating around at the end of last year in a live session. But hurrah for the studio sound of Thanks 4 Nothing, a song we loved when we saw Nilufer Yanya play live recently. It’s a pretty devastating punch from her, the summation of an end that surges exactly the way her talent has.

More Giraffes – Basement
Now this is what you call a debut. We haven’t been excited by a new act like this for some time, not least for the name (who doesn’t want More Giraffes, eh?). Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford pop with an electronic jam that’s buoyant, vibrant, and generally makes us excited about new music again. Not to be missed.

Animal Feelings – Divine Love (feat. Nomi Ruiz)
Oli Chang’s Animal Feelings project is so underrated. He has a knack for bringing in tremendous talent and merging them seamlessly with his vibe, much like he does on Divine Love. It’s a lovely drift of a song, a tonic of electronic pop that’ll keep you feeling sky-high.

Tyne – I’d Like That
Cambridge kid Tyne has been on our radar since day dot, and our eyes are bursting with pride watching her grow. I’d Like That is arguably her most gorgeous offering to date, a good samaritan moment of support in times of crisis. A pure balm, administered in a way that leaves us tear-sodden.

Shay Lia – Cherish
If Shay Lia is good enough for Kaytranada, she’s good enough for us. Cherish is a proper MOMENT for this rising R&B singer, delivering a breathy and deep account of her sound. There are shades of Kelela and even more hallowed names on this one, and it’s the profound take on Syria you never knew you needed.

Roses & Revolutions – Get That Feeling
Good pop can come from anywhere, not just the majors. Actually when it usually comes from major labels it’s shit, so thank fuck that Roses & Revolutions are refreshing on their new one. It doesn’t need to do anything wild but still hits all the erogenous zones of pop to make us very, very much into it.

Henry Green – Shift / Without You
Not one but two tracks from young ‘un Henry Green. It’s no secret how much we love him, and these songs seriously give us a boner for his upcoming album. Shift is a delicate flow through his ambient sound, while Without You is another whispered gem that chimes with a more layered arrangement. Both are brilliant, both are below.

[SEBELL] – Island
And finally, we don’t know what’s with the square brackets, but Island is still a nice song from [SEBELL] nonetheless. It’s a great example of what male pop should be, finger-click addictive and a proper banger in the making. We’re already looking forward to more… and at least it’s better than Timberlake.


Article Name
ICYMI: Nilufer Yanya, Dayo Bello, Tyne, Shay Lia & More
ICYMI: Nilufer Yanya, Dayo Bello, Tyne, Shay Lia & More