ICYMI: Renata Zeiguer, Thutmose, The Nicholas, Sita, & more

ICYMI is our weekly feature that captures all the tracks you may have missed this week and rounds them up in one handy place. So here you go…

Renata Zeiguer – Wayside
We’ve only become familiar with this lovely lady recently, but her every pore seeps with melody. Her alternative fare is at its peak on Wayside, delivering a layered and harmonious account of her sound that pounds down on the chorus. A crossover star in the making, we reckon.

Thutmose – Karma (feat. Alex Mali)
We already know there’s no end to  the talents of Thutmose, but this could very well be the song of the week-slash-month. Alex Mali’s vocals set this one up nicely before the man himself takes over with a February banger that’ll echo throughout the rest of the year. Dynamite.

Elijah Fox – Not Over You (feat. Marie Dahlstrom)
Everything this woman touches turns to gold. Literally everything. And we can’t get enough of this ridiculously good R&B jam, the sort we thought they didn’t make any more. The world is sleeping on Marie Dahlstrom, because one listen to this and there’s no denying she’s matching every genre great in the business. Yep, that good.

The Nicholas – Teardrops
This one doesn’t exactly need a push from us, but we’ll give it one anyway. The Nicholas – yes, that’s a name – delivers a dream-dripped sound from the moment Teardrops starts, resting on a catchy, woozy sound to captivate us entirely. Check it out below.

Sita – Low
We’ve championed Sita so many times before, and it’s time you all got on the bandwagon. Low is another example of how her exquisite, floating pop is miles ahead of anyone else in the game – this one is by far her best yet, and one of the best songs you haven’t yet heard this month.

Riah – Prom
Cavernous pop once again, this time with a buttload of heart. Riah is feeling a bit morose on the less-than-celebratory Prom, a break-up jam that really sandwiches feelings of neglect with heartfelt delivery. Not something many can pull off, but she does with style.

La Poré – Missing It
Shuffling indie wonder from the Kitsune stable this time. The project of Ohio’s Nick Samson zings with freshness, taking in a range of influences – synth classics, disco gems, & contemporary indie-pop – to create Missing It. It’s a song that’s light on its feet and yet endlessly giving. A bit like us on a juice diet, really.

Cape Lion – Call Off The Void
Hello bouncy, squelchy production. The elusive Cape Lion have a new EP out, and this is by far the best track from it. It pounds with a sense of excitement and unpredictability, while giving tints of brass to a superb electronic production that deserves to be heard. Trust us, this is way more interesting than half the shit out there.

Article Name
Renata Zeiguer, Thutmose, The Nicholas, Sita, & more
Renata Zeiguer, Thutmose, The Nicholas, Sita, & more