ICYMI: Shawn Mendes, Sam Wills, Two Another, & more

Yes, we’ve already given you one round-up of New Music Friday but because there’s so much bloody good stuff out there we decided to give you a bonus batch of new choons. Strap yourselves in, because we’re starting with a surprise…

Shawn Mendes – Lost In Japan
Err, who is this and what has he done with Shawn Mendes? This is by far the better of the two tracks the young hunk has put out, and we are so ready for more of this. It’s slinky R&B that’s perfectly produced, and lets Mendes do his charming vocal thing all over the joint. Whew.

Sam Wills – The Both Of Us
Speaking of ridiculously sexy behaviour, London R&B pin-up & ginger totty Sam Wills is making us squelch again. The Both Of Us is taken from his new EP, and a total exercise in how to excel in a genre that might not be immediately familiar. Someone fan us down again please.

Zanski – Reaction To Sudden Noise
Firstly, what a great name for a song. Secondly, that lovely dose of funk-soul is expected from young Zanski, who never seems to disappoint. This is as good as anything else he’s done, a confident ownership of a sound that’ll set him up nicely for the future. Well done that man.

Two Another – The Night
Oh we are very much feeling the male-driven funk tonight. And of course, Two Another have always been good at this sort of thing – no surprise then that The Night is another hugely enjoyable dose of their style, and very much worth your time below.

Marlene & Ji Nilsson – There
Hah, as if you though we could get through a post without adding some female voices – that too some of our favourite Scandinavian ones. Marlene and Ji Nilsson are great alone and even better together, galloping with a chorus that makes the most of both of them. Solid work.

Agua Roja – Be Alone
Ah, it’s been a while since we covered Agua Roja. But they’re not squandering our faith in them – Be Alone is an air-punch moment of indie-pop, giving them some momentum as they course through a song that revels in independence. Check it out below.

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ICYMI: Shawn Mendes, Sam Wills, Two Another, & more
ICYMI: Shawn Mendes, Sam Wills, Two Another, & more