ICYMI: Zilo, King Princess, Poppy Ajudha, Lindstrøm & more

It’s been a busy old time recently, but here we are to round up the greatest tracks you may have missed over the last few days…

Zilo – Keep Up Wimmi
We’re loving this new breed of London R&B at the moment, one with a very distinct flavour and sound. Zilo encapsulates that on her hugely accomplished debut Keep Up Wimmi, delivering a feisty and confident salvo that stamps both her personality and sound. Few can do it this well on the first go.

King Princess – 1950
Speaking of debuts, bloody hell this one is good. OK so we’re maybe we’re a bit unsure about the message about going back to 1950 even in play pretend, but the sound is solid – in that it’s modern, punchy, and a perfect blend to make King Princess a star.

Poppy Ajudha – Femme EP
Speaking of that London sound, Poppy Ajudha is another real one delivering masterful soul. Across her five tracks she displays an impressive oeuvre, with songs like She Is The Sum and Where Did I Go? resonating in particular. We’re very excited to see where she goes next.

Blue Lab Beats – My Dream (feat. James Vickery)
We’ve loved James Vickery for a while, so anything he puts his name to will always get our attention. Today it’s this Blue Lab Beats track, an enjoyable escapade through electronic soul with whirring beats and a dollop of layered vocal goodness to keep it appealingly tight. Not bad at all.

Gabriella Vixen – Golden
We don’t think we’re supposed to know this, but Gabriella Vixen does have a sort of semi-famous brother. But we’ll leave that for now and focus on this wonderful pop song that showcases her vocals beautifully. It’s helped by very attractive production and a chorus that shows this girl can sing.

Lindstrøm – Didn’t Know Better (feat. Ronika)
Y’all crazy for sleeping on Ronika and her brilliant album. Luckily Lindstrøm did not make the same mistake, and recruits our local girl for a polished and glistening disco jam. Ronika’s vocal fits the vibe perfectly, and to be honest if they don’t work together again in future we’ll be sorely disappointed.

Y.A.S – Vibrations
And finally, more R&B to see us off into the night. This one is dark, poppy, a little bit clubby and wholly excellent. London girl Y.A.S blends a heap of influences for this one and it turns out an absolute treat – with all the right moves after this one there could well be no stopping her, and quite right too.

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ICYMI: Zilo, King Princess, Poppy Ajudha, & more
ICYMI: Zilo, King Princess, Poppy Ajudha, & more