Look we know it’s still November, but it gets dark at 5pm and we’re wearing two pairs of socks so – fair game. We love Christmas here at PressPLAY. Some of us (one of us) listens to our festive playlist pretty much all year round.
It is true they don’t make Christmas songs like they used to. And it’s true that even the good ones come in two forms. Those that give you Festive Warmth no matter the season, and those that outside December serve only to make you feel empty inside and drum home the fact you’re in a wretched filler month, like March.
We can’t yet speak for what it’ll sound like throughout the next year, but right now Dragonette’s ‘Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)’ is a perfect 21st Century Christmas song. It’s full of bliss & energy, a bit Kelly Clarkson meets St.Etienne on a crisp day in Scandinavia. But it’s also laced with the devastation of being alone, which as we all know, is what Christmas is all about.
The distant jangle of bells in the intro makes us look out the window to see if the Holidays are Coming trucks have arrived, and the ‘Merry Christmas (War is Over)’ nod in the middle eight sounds like hot whiskey tastes.
Ok so it uses the word ‘Xmas’, a thing we’d usually like to punch in the face. But if we can imagine dancing down the road with all our friends singing the song in riotous harmony at ten to midnight on Christmas Eve, then it’s a thing we can forgive, maybe even embrace.
Generic Deity bless us all, everyone.