Kate Nash is frustrating us

Alright, Kate Nash. We’re going to level with you. And we want you to take this very seriously. We didn’t really like you much when you came along as some sort of pound-shop Lily Allen. But then we stood up and applauded when you went all Karen O on us with I Just Love You More – your finest moment to date. And then we guffawed when you unleashed Underestimate the Girl.

Now we’re listening to Death Proof, your new free EP (well, free with another pre-order. So not really free, more like getting credit on a DFS sofa). Forgetting the weirdly staged cover and evident nod to Tarantino and punk, it’s as schizophrenic as your career thus far.

On one hand you have the feisty Frankie Rose / Dum Dum Girls-esque Fri-End, and then you go balls it up with a song as desperate as its title, I Want A Boyfriend:

We hope your next album is death proof, love, otherwise you might find it a bit hard going. You were warned.