Kylie Odetta – Stress

If you need an introduction to Kylie Odetta, all we’ll say is: the Breaking Habits EP. Particularly Too Deep In Love and Take Caution, both masterclasses in mature pop that belie the youth involved.

We’ve been tracking the US teen since covering those – she’s only 19 years old at the moment, by the by – and it brings us immense pleasure to premiere her new track Stress (taken from the Undertow EP, out May 19th). Once again it’s a gorgeous marriage of that impeccably-controlled vocal, this time surrounded by the warmest piano-and-brass instrumentation we’ve heard for some time. You know, the sort that makes you want to curl up by a window and live inside it forevermore.

Says Kylie about the song: “This was one of the first times I came up with the musical component of the song before I created the lyrics, the rhythm of the piano being what intrigued me first. I felt the sound was evocative of that universal moment that a lot of romantic relationships reach, when you stop enjoying each other’s company and everything becomes a point of contention. It’s written from the perspective of someone recognizing that’s happening to their love.”

Kylie Odetta, then. Remember the name, because whatever comes with it is ruddy wonderful.

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Kylie Odetta - Stress
Kylie Odetta - Stress