Kylypso – Cosmic Dolphins

“I don’t think I’m strong enough, I’m not as tough,” start Kylypso on their new track called (yep) Cosmic Dolphins. The irony here is that they bloody well are both of those things in a way that matches any other indie-electronic act out there; we’re proud to premiere the song here today for that very reason. It has even more funk and confidence than their previous output, marking a bright new chapter as they trail their Soon Fun EP.

According to the band, the track came from “from a meshing of drum samples with a field recording of a street in Japan. By the time it got to loading up the project a computer glitch churned their recording back upended, slowed down and morphed into something special“. Check it out for yourself below.

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Kylypso - Cosmic Dolphins
Kylypso - Cosmic Dolphins