Lacrymosa – Quiet Weather (feat. Bodies Be Rivers)

Both singer/pianist Lacrymosa and Brooklyn indie-pop outfit Bodies Be Rivers are new names to PressPLAY OK. The two parties have collaborated for a new EP, Light Falls, offering contributions to each others’ work in the loveliest way. That comes good on Quiet Weather, a haunting and elegiac piano-driven track that finds moving beauty in its sparseness.

About the track, Lacrymosa says: “Quiet Weather was inspired by a passage from Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek about the notorious ‘kayak sickness’ that plagues the Greenland Eskimos. The Eskimos, while hunting seals, sit still in their boats — so still that occasionally they are no longer able to discern between water and sky, and this sends them into a temporary horror-stricken paralyzation. At the time, as I was writing this song, I was challenged by a particular relationship and trying to open myself up to it. Occasionally, in thinking about it, I’d have these intense mini attacks of disorientation and doubt, and I likened these moments to the sickness the Eskimos experience.”

It’s desperately moving stuff, and you can hear it below.

The vinyl 7″ (and digital EP which features two additional songs) will be released on August 26 via Gold Robot Records. You can preorder it now
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Lacrymosa - Quiet Weather (feat. Bodies Be Rivers)
Lacrymosa - Quiet Weather (feat. Bodies Be Rivers)
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